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White Knight™ Shampoo Testimonials

Upon receiving a free sample of White Knight I immediately ran to the barn and proceeded to give my tri-colored National Show Horse a bath. I do a lot of Halter showing with him so his white has to be as white as possible. Currently, I swear by Showclean by Absorbine.

To my complete surprise my horse’s white body spots turned out so white all I could see was pink skin. It was so unbelievable that he became that white after one washing. (and he was filthy). I normally have to wash him at least two, maybe three times, to get him really white.

Now the only fault I found with White Knight is that his tail and mane did not become as white as I had expected after seeing his body. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to try your product. I am a new customer. I will continue to buy White Knight.

Lori Harrison
Harrison Hill Arabians




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