Rags to Riches Ultimate Groomer 2013 Photo Grooming Contest SlideshowPetGroomer.com

Double K Industries in concert with Petgroomer.com is pleased and proud that Rags to Riches was once again the largest grooming contest in history. With hundreds of entries from throughout the United States along with many international entries the contest showcased some of the profession's most challenging work and beautiful results. We are grateful to judges Jodi Murphy, Melissa Verplank and Christina Pawlosky for their great effort and thoughtful professionalism in judging this contest with so many great contestants. We also thank the many grooming contestants in Rags to Riches for their fabulous work and present the photographic results of their entries below.

Enjoy the entries from the 2013 Rags To Riches Ultimate Groomer Photo Grooming Contest, including the winners. Use the control buttons to play the slideshow, stop the slideshow, go to the next entry or go back to the previous entry. The contest ran from January 15th, 2013 to April 30th, 2013. (Click here to see all the contest entries at PetGroomer.com.)

There are 232 entries in the slideshow.

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