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Alpha White Pet Shampoo Alpha White™ pet shampoo is a deep cleaning, whitening and stain removing shampoo. The perfect choice for deep, thorough yet gentle cleaning for animals with white coats or markings. Removes stains and yellowing. Deodorizes. Leaves hair lustrous and shiny. Extreme concentration creates great value. Long lasting results with animals looking, feeling and smelling great long after use. Humectant and emollient rich formula enriches the animal’s hair and skin. May be used regularly for beautiful, show ring results. Also great for horses, cattle and most other animals. 32 to 1 Concentration.
Aromatic Pet Shampoo Aromatic™ Deodorizing shampoo with Citronella and Cedar oils. ORGANIC OPTIONS™ AROMATIC™ is organic and pesticide free. An excellent shampoo for summer skin problems. Contains a safe and powerful blend of botanicals, including Citronella, Eucalyptus and Cedar‑wood oils. Unique fragrance eliminates odors, even skunk odors, naturally. For use on dogs and cats. Concentrated 6 to 1.
Emerald Black Pet Shampoo Emerald Black® professional shampoo gently and thoroughly cleans, conditions and enriches black or dark coats. Helps eliminate red tones, brassiness and sun fading. Deodorizes and leaves hair lustrous, manageable and shiny. Great value in extreme concentration. Easy on hands and enriches animal's skin. Use regularly for beautiful show ring results. Concentrated 32 to 1.
Grimeinator Pet Shampoo GRIMEINATOR® professional shampoo is the best choice for oily, greasy, dirty, stinky or grimy animals. Cleans the most difficult pets with long‑lasting results while the humectant and emollient rich formula softens skin, conditions hair and allows for everyday use. Leaves coats manageable and lustrous. Concentrated 32 to 1. Imagine achieving “best in show” results on your finest dogs, gently deep cleaning the dirtiest, smelliest animals or anything in between – all with one shampoo.
Hypo+ HYPO+™ professional, hypoallergenic shampoo is gentle, plus super rich and luxurious. Deep cleans all coat types and is especially great for kittens, puppies or those with sensitive skin. HYPO+™ is fragrance free and pH balanced for animals. Special formula leaves the coat feeling clean and fresh over a longer period than most other shampoos. Formula is great for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and all companion and farm animals. Concentrated 15 to 1.
Oat Mella Oat Mella™ Shampoo
The traditional soothing properties of Colloidal Oatmeal, Melaleuca (tea tree oil), and Aloe are combined for a natural skin soothing treatment. A mild shampoo that gently and thoroughly cleans, with Oatmeal, Melaleuca, and Aloe to help heal. Special fragrance naturally eliminates odors often associated with skin irritations. Concentrated 8 to 1.
Refurbish Refurbish™ Conditioner For Pets • Flawlessly Reformulated • Superb, luxurious conditioner/detangler for almost all coat types. Makes comb‑out a breeze. Leaves coat lustrous, and silky yet manageable. Helps loosen undercoat during shedding periods. Excellent for long haired cats. Intensely concentrated for superb value. Use full strength for maximum benefit, or dilute up to 32 to 1 for a finishing rinse.
The Solution For Detangling and Conditioning The Solution™ For Detangling/Conditioning is a luxurious, concentrated professional formula. Makes Up To 33 Gallons Of Spray‑On Product. An extraordinarily versatile product which will help detangle the most difficult mats and/or condition a wide range of coat types. Extreme concentration creates great value. May be highly diluted for leave‑in detangling or used straight to help loosen tough mats. Humectant and emollient rich formula is gentle and may be used regularly for beautiful show ring results. Great for groomer’s/bather’s hands. Excellent for use on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, llamas and most other animals.
Ultimate® Pet Shampoo Ultimate® is the perfect shampoo for the widest range of coat types.  Achieves “best in show” results on the finest animals with the highest luminizing and volumizing effects. This exceptional shampoo also cleans very dirty and smelly animals and removes stains with a gentle thoroughness. The emollient and humectant rich formula is great for everyday use. Ultimate® conditions hair, softens skin, and leaves coats luminous and manageable. Great for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses, cattle and other animals. Extreme 50 to 1 concentration creates the Ultimate® value.