☆ Grand Prize - $3,000 in cash plus assorted Double K Products plus commemorative plaque plus a FREE TRIP to the Groom Expo Show in Hershey, Penn. Sept. 8-11, 2011!
Double K Industries
The 3rd Annual Rags To Riches  Ultimate Groomer Contest ☆ 2nd Prize - $500 in cash plus assorted Double K Products plus commemorative plaque.
☆ 3rd Prize - $250 in cash plus assorted Double K Products plus commemorative plaque.
☆ International Winner Prize - $500 in cash
☆ All USA Groomer Contestants are automatically entered in a raffle for a FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® Dryer.

☆ Plus all International Groomer Contestants are automatically entered in a separate raffle for a FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® Dryer.
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',"#FFF"); messages[1] = new Array('images/logos/emerald_black100.gif','For Black or Dark Coats - Deep Cleaning and Conditioning .',"#FFF"); messages[2] = new Array('images/logos/pearlight185.gif','Deep cleaning, conditioning, highlighting shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[3] = new Array('images/logos/euca206.gif','Pesticide-Free, skin healing Shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[4] = new Array('images/logos/ultimate160.gif','Premier deep cleaning and conditioning shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[5] = new Array('images/logos/solution173.gif','Natural, Luxurious, Concentrated detangler/conditioner',"#FFF"); messages[6] = new Array('images/logos/desert_almond160.gif','Vitamin Enriched and Conditioning Shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[7] = new Array('images/logos/850_109.gif',' Challengair 850™ High Velocity Portable Dryer - Powerful Air Flow - motors produce up to 248 CFM - Twist On Nozzles - Super Tough Cross Link Polyethylene Dryer Body - Sweeps Away Excess Water.',"#FFF"); messages[8] = new Array('images/logos/hypo+150.gif','Hypoallergenic Shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[9] = new Array('images/logos/401_84.gif','401 POWER CLIPPER cuts easily through thick, matted, dirty or wet hair while operating very quietly.',"#FFF"); messages[10] = new Array('images/logos/dryer_wall_mount200.gif',' New Dryer Wall Mount!',"#FFF"); messages[11] = new Array('images/logos/furst_aid146.gif','FURST AIDô professional, medicated shampoo soothes and helps heal irritated skin.',"#FFF"); messages[12] = new Array('images/logos/midnight_white121.gif','White brightening, color enhancing Shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[13] = new Array('images/logos/560_109.gif',' The 560 Advanced Grooming Cage Dryer- 1 Hour Timer - Protects Animals by controlling cage temperature - 2 Year Warranty',"#FFF"); messages[14] = new Array('images/logos/extreme120.gif','The New EXTREME™ dryer has greater effectiveness, air volume, velocity, versatility and value with less noise than any product in its category!',"#FFF"); messages[15] = new Array('images/logos/stand_kit130.gif','Make your Extreme, Airmax® or 2000XL into a stand dryer with this New Rolling Stand kit!',"#FFF"); messages[16] = new Array('images/logos/alpha_white100.gif','Deep Cleaning, Conditioning, Whitening and Stain Removing Shampoo.',"#FFF"); messages[17] = new Array('images/logos/Unleashed179.gif','Special spray cologne to add extra freshness with a super clean, long-lasting scent.',"#FFF"); messages[18] = new Array('images/logos/tangles_away245.gif','Ultimate detangler. 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Plus a FREE TRIP to GROOM EXPO in September! Aromatic Details Dynamic Duo Details Refurbish Details Keri Cot Details Grimeinator Shampoo details OatMella Details Airmax® Details Tangles Away Detangler Unleashed Dog Cologne Alpha White details New Rolling Stand Kit Extreme Dryer details 560 Dryer Details Midnight White Details Furst Aid Details Wall Mount for your Double K Dryer 401 Clipper for Groomers Hypo Plus Details 850 Portable and Stand Dryers Desert Almond Details The Solution for Detangling and Conditioning Ultimate Details Euca-Leuca-Lime Details PEARLight Details Emerald Black Details 9000II Dryer Groom Expo in Hershey, Penn. Sept. 8 -11
Receive a FREE gallon of The Groomer's Edge® Shampoos or Conditioners.

All Continental U. S. Contestants get a FREE gallon of Groomer's Edge® shampoo or conditioner!*

Plus all USA groomer contestants are automatically entered in a raffle
for a FREE Challengair™ Airmax® Dryer!

Challengair™ Airmax Dryer

Double K Industries and are proud to be working together on the 3rd Annual Rags to Riches Ultimate Groomer Contest. The following is a general Contest overview:


Upon completion of your application form, photo submission form(s) and posting of your before and after photos at, all Continental USA Contestants are eligible to receive their choice of one FREE gallon of any Groomer's Edge® Shampoo or conditioner.* Plus, all contestants are entered in one of two raffles for FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® Dryers!


One International Prize of $500.00 cash (USA Funds) plus commemorative plaque will be awarded to the International Winner.

Plus all International Groomer Contestants are automatically entered in a Raffle for a FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® Dryer!


Challengair™ Airmax Dryer

The Contest is open to all professional dog groomers, active in the profession. No purchase is necessary to enter. Only USA and Canadian Contestants (excluding Quebec) are eligible to compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. All other contestants will compete for the International Prizes.


Contest Application
To enter, first complete and submit a Contest Application here at the Double K website (or request by fax or mail). Your contest application may be submitted from January 15th, 2011 to April 30, 2011.


Photo Form

Profile image of dog entryHead closeup of dog entryNext, submit a Photo Submission Form along with four photos of the entry dog, two taken before and two taken after grooming with a Double K product. Include before and after photos of the dog in profile and before and after photos of the head of the dog from the front.

1.) Entry Dog Before Profile Image
2.) Entry Dog Before Head Image
3.) Entry Dog After Profile Image
4.) Entry Dog After Head Image

All pictures must be of the same dog and taken within a two day period. Remember, NO PROPS, BANDANAS or COSTUMES, etc in the picture. A hand, two hands or groomer in the background is allowed as long as they are not identifiable – see official rules for more details. Contestants do not have to include a Double K product in their before and after photographs. See the Rags To Riches Photo Guide for more suggestions.


You may also submit your photos from February 1, 2011 until April 30, 2011 by email to Contestants must use a Double K product (shampoo, conditioner, clipper or dryer) in the course of grooming the entry dog. If a groomer contestant has no Double K products and wishes to participate, she or he may select one or two Double K Groomers Edge® shampoos and/or conditioners to be shipped to the contestant free of charge. (Residents in the United States may request samples directly from Double K. Residents outside the United States may request samples from participating Double K International distributors.) Limit one sample request per groomer contestant. THE DEADLINE FOR REQUESTING YOUR FREE SAMPLES FOR USE IN THE CONTEST IS APRIL 15TH, 2011. (After April 15th there will be insufficient time to process the sample request, ship the sample request and use the sample product(s) before the contest ends.)


Groomer contestants may enter a maximum of four dogs/entries in the contest. However, a groomer contestant may win only one prize. Before and after pictures of the same dog submitted as more than one entry is not allowed.

The judges will be looking for the greatest improvement in the dog's appearance between the before and after photos as well as the best groomed dog. The judges will also be looking at the degree of difficulty of the groom and the quality of the photography of the groomed animal.


Photographs shall be submitted to ( for judging no later than April 30, 2011. The judges will vote on the entries on or about May 16th, 2011 to May 23rd, 2011. Winners will be announced here and on the web site on or by about May 23th, 2011.



★ 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes awarded to USA or Canadian Contestants only (excluding Quebec)

★ 1st Prize-- $3000 in cash plus an assortment of four Challengair™ dryers plus a Power Clipper plus 40 gallons of any combination of Groomer's Edge™ shampoo or conditioning products the winner selects! Plus First Prize includes a FREE TRIP to the Groom Expo Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Sept. 8-11, 2011, including airfare, hotel**, access to seminars and show admission fees.The total value is worth over $5,500.00! In addition, this winner will receive a beautiful commemorative plaque engraved with their name.


★ 2nd Prize -- $500 in cash plus two Double K Challengair™ dryers plus a Power Clipper plus 20 gallons of any combination of Groomer's Edge™ shampoo or conditioning products the winner selects. The total value is worth over $1,900.00! In addition, this winner will receive a beautiful commemorative plaque engraved with their name.


★ 3rd Prize -- $250 in cash plus one Double K Challengair™ dryer plus 12 gallons of any combination of Groomer's Edge™ shampoo or conditioning products the winner selects. The total value is worth over $760.00! In addition, this winner will receive a beautiful commemorative plaque engraved with their name.


★ All USA Groomer Contestants are automatically entered in a raffle for a FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® Dryer.


★ International Prize --$500.00 cash plus a beautiful commemorative plaque engraved with the winner's name.


★ Plus, all International Groomer Contestants are automatically entered in a separate raffle for for a FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® Dryer.


Double K Industries and would like to thank all of our grooming friends in advance for their wonderful entries.





Double K Industries and are grateful and proud to have five extraordinary professionals judging the third annual Rags to Riches Ultimate Groomer Contest. Their involvement and judgments will ensure fairness and enhance the credibility of deserving winners.


Lisa LeadyJudge - Lisa Leady is a certified master groomer by two organizations, the National Dog Groomers Assn. of America and International Pet Groomers Inc. She is a third generation groomer having been raised in the industry. Currently she is the owner of Primp My Pooch Mobile Dog and Cat Salon. Lisa Leady is a member of GroomTeam USA. Since 2000 she placed in the top 10 positions consistently, including the second position in 2005 and 2006. She competed in France in 2005 when the team took the Silver Medal, and also competed with them in Italy 2007. See
Jodi MurphyJudge - Jodi Murphy is a two-time Master Pet Stylist, a NCMG (National Certified Master Groomer) through the National Dog Groomers Association of America as well as MPS Meritus (Master Pet Stylist Meritus) through the International Society of Canine Cosmetology. She is a multiple Best All Around and Best in Show competitor. These titles allow Jodi to certify groomers to their master pet stylist status throughout the USA. She was a GroomTeam USA team member for four years and ranked within the top four pet stylist of the United States. Her popular web site offers competitively priced Instructional Grooming DVDs, Home Study DVD packages, Mobile Grooming Success Seminar DVDs, grooming apparel for every pet groomer looking for fashionable style, function and long-lasting quality, and select grooming tools and equipment.
Jay ScruggsJudge - Jay Scruggs has won multiple best in show and best all around groomer awards in grooming competitions around the United States. In 2001 he was the number one ranked pet stylist in the USA. Jay was a part of the Gold Medal winning groomteam in Calgary, Canada. He was awarded Best in Show with his gold medal winning standard poodle. Jay was named American Groomer of the Year in 2001, and Best All Around American Groomer at Intergroom 2002. He was also the first groomer to receive the Groomer of the Year Award at Westminster Dog Show in 2002. In the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain 2003 Jay won an International Gold and Bronze medal in two different poodle classes that helped Groomteam USA win the silver medal. He is now an internationally sought after speaker and judge, with his most prestigious assignment judging the World Championships in Milan, Italy. Jay was voted by the industry Grooming Judge of the year on two different occasions for his knowledge of breeds and the ability to judge them. Jay and his wife Michelle own Here Comes the Groom, a highly successful mobile grooming salon in Germantown, Tennessee. See
Melissa VerplankJudge - Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist with over 30 years experience in the professional pet grooming industry. In 2009, she operates three pet related companies, a luxury boarding facility called Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa and two companies that are involved with educating the professional pet groomer and stylist; The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Inc. and White Dog Enterprises, Inc as well as her products and services web site In 2010 Melissa expanded her product line with training helping business owners to “grow your own groomers” and she premiered an extensive, unique streaming video web site for groomers,
Lisa LeadyJudge - Sue Zecco is a certified master groomer with both the International Professional Groomers and the National Dog Groomers Association of America. She’s also been a member of GroomTeam USA since 1996.
She is a breeder of championship Poodles under the Dreamcatcher prefix, and an accomplished author. Her work has appeared in PetAge, Dog World, Groom Team USA, Pet Product News and Dog Fancy and her business (Pampered Pet Dog Grooming Shop in Oakham MA, which she operates with her husband, Raymond) has been featured in several newspaper articles.
Sue has served as a grooming contest judge and speaker across the U.S. and in Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Argentina and Canada. See
  1. The most dramatic improvement in the dog's appearance between the before and after photos.
  2. The best groomed dog.
  3. The degree of difficulty and skill required for the groom.
  4. The quality of the photography of the groomed animal.

*One free gallon of their choice of Groomer’s Edge® product per Contestant (Continental USA Residents only). Limit one free gallon per contestant. Entering multiple entry dogs does not qualify you for additional free gallons of product. Sorry, this offer for a free gallon only applies to entrants within the continental United States. Groomer entries will be pre-screened for compliance to the rules of the contest before they are posted at

**The first prize winner receives a FREE TRIP to the Groom Expo Show in Hershey, Penn. Sept. 8-11, 2011! Airfare from a major airport in United States to Hershey, Pennsylvania roundtrip, lodging in Hershey Lodge, admission fees and access to seminars are included in the free trip to Groom Expo. (Travel from airport to hotel and meals not included.)
    The trip to Groom Expo includes lodging at Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey Lodge is a full-service resort located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, offering 665 guest rooms and 100,000 square feet of function space. Hershey Lodge is Pennsylvania’s largest convention resort and is part of Hershey Resorts.


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