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You and your work featured in a Double K print ad!

Everybody Wins!

All Continental U. S. contestants get a FREE gallon of Groomer's Edge® Shampoo or Conditioner!
All contestants are automatically entered in one of two raffles for a choice of a FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax®, 2000XL or 560 dryer (Canadian residents excluded from Airmax® option)!
All groomer contestants who include a Double K product in their entry "After" grooming photos are
automatically entered in an additional raffle for a FREE Challengair™ 2000XL™ Dryer!

Contest Overview

Upon conclusion of the contest, completion of your application form, photo submission form(s) and posting of your "Before" and "After" photos at PetGroomer.com, all Continental USA Contestants are eligible to receive their choice of one FREE gallon of any Groomer's Edge® shampoo or conditioner.* Plus, all contestants are entered in one of two raffles for FREE Double K Challengair™ Airmax® dryers!                        

*One free gallon of their choice of Groomer's Edge® product per contestant (Continental USA residents only). Limit one free gallon per contestant.Entering multiple entry dogs does not qualify you for additional free gallons of product. Sorry, this offer for a free gallon only applies to entrants within the continental U.S. Groomer entries will be pre-screened for compliance to the rules of the contest before being posted at PetGroomer.com. (Allow six weeks for delivery after contest ends.)

The contest is open to all professional dog groomers, active in the profession. No purchase is necessary to enter. Only USA Contestants are eligible to compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. All other contestants will compete for the International Prizes.

Contestants must use a Double K product (shampoo, conditioner, clipper or dryer) in the course of grooming the entry dog. If a groomer contestant has no Double K products and wishes to participate, she/he may select one or two Double K Groomer's Edge® shampoos and/or conditioners to be shipped to the contestant free of charge. (Residents in the U.S. may request samples directly from Double K. Residents outside the U.S. may request samples from participating Double K international distributors.) Limit one sample request per groomer contestant. THE DEADLINE FOR REQUESTING YOUR FREE SAMPLES FOR USE IN THE CONTEST IS MAY 20TH, 2016. (After May 20, there will not be sufficient time to process the sample request, ship the sample request and use the sample product(s) before the contest ends.)

GROOMER CONTESTANTS MAY ENTER A MAXIMUM OF FOUR DOG/ENTRIES IN THE CONTEST. However, a groomer contestant may win only one prize. (Before and after pictures of the same dog submitted as more than one entry is not allowed.)

Application and Photo Form

To enter, first complete and submit a CONTEST APPLICATION FORM here at the Double K website (or request by fax or mail). Your contest application may be submitted from February 29, 2016 to June 3, 2016.

Next, submit a PHOTO SUBMISSION FORM along with four photos of the entry dog, two taken "Before" and two taken "After" grooming. (see samples below)                       

Before profile photo   Before head photo
profile photo
head photo
After profile photo   After head photo
profile photo
head photo

• All pictures must be of the same dog and taken within a two-day period.
• No props, bandanas or costumes, etc. in the photos.
• One or two hands in the background is permissible as long as they are not identifiable
(see official rules for more details).
• Contestants are not required to include a Double K product in their photos, however, all groomer contestants who include Double K product(s) in their entry "After" grooming photos are automatically entered in an additional raffle for a FREE Challengair™ 2000XL™ dryer.
See contest PHOTO GUIDE for more suggestions.
• Photographs must be submitted to findagroomer@earthlink.net (PetGroomer.com) for judging no later than June 3, 2016. The judges will vote on the entries from about June 20th, 2016 to June 22nd, 2016. Groomer Voting will run from June 29th through July 13th. Winners will be announced here (doublekindustries.com) and on the PetGroomer.com website on or about July 20th, 2016.

Preliminary Judging

Double K Industries and PetGroomer.com are grateful and proud to have extraordinary professionals judging the sixth annual Rags to Riches Ultimate Groomer Contest. Their expert involvement and judgement enhances fairness and credibility of the winners.

Jodi Murphy                        Melissa Verplank                        Christina Pawlosky

Jodi Murphy
Judge - Jodi Murphy is a two-time Master Pet Stylist, a NCMG (National Certified Master Groomer) through the National Dog Groomers Association of America, as well as MPS Meritus (Master Pet Stylist Meritus) through the International Society of Canine Cosmetology. She is a multiple Best All Around and Best in Show competitor. These titles allow Jodi to certify groomers to their master pet stylist status throughout the USA. She was a GroomTeam USA team member for four years and ranked within the top four pet stylists of the United States. Her popular web site JodiMurphy.net offers competitively priced Instructional Grooming DVDs, Home Study DVD packages, Mobile Grooming Success Seminar DVDs, grooming apparel for every pet groomer looking for fashionable style, function, and long-lasting quality, and select grooming tools and equipment.
Melissa Verplank
Judge - Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist with over 30 years experience in the professional pet grooming industry. In 2009, she operated three pet-related companies, a luxury boarding facility called Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa and two companies that are involved with educating the professional pet groomer and stylist; The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Inc. and White Dog Enterprises, Inc as well as her products and services web site, MelissaVerplank.com. In 2010 Melissa expanded her product line, with training to help business owners to "grow your own groomers" and she premiered an extensive, unique streaming video web site for groomers, Learn2GroomDogs.com, as well as her other two sites: paragonpetschool.com and www.melissaverplank.com
Christina Pawlosky
Judge - Christina M. Pawlosky is a Certified Master Groomer (NDGAA), Professional Handler and Breeder. She is the National Training Manager for Oster Professional Products. Some of her many career accomplishments include: International Groomer of the Year (1994), Eagle Award from Groom and Board Magazine (1994), World Poodle Groomer (1993 and 1995), Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Groomer of the Year (1993), Groomer of the Decade from New England Pet Grooming Professionals (2001), Member of the USA Groom Team (1992-1995), Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions winner (1995), Awards of Merit at Westminster Dog Show, Best of Variety winner at Poodle Club of America (1998). Christina produces instructional grooming DVD’s under the name GroomerWorks.com


Most dramatic improvement in the dog's appearance from the "BEFORE" to the "AFTER" photos.
Best groomed dog.
Degree of difficulty and skill required to perform the groom.
Quality of the photographs of the groomed dog.

Final Judging

Qualified Groomers will vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the Top 10 finalists selected by the judges. Qualified groomers are eligible to vote if none of their entries have been selected for the Top 10 and can verify they are a professional groomer. Voting Groomers do not have to submit entries into the contest but they will have to complete the Contest Application which will be verified. See RULES for eligibility for contestants.

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